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MD (McDonnell Douglass) Helicopters for Sale


McDonnell Douglass, or MD as they are universally known, was formed out of the Hughes Aircraft Company, owned by Howard Hughes; personified in the movie “The Aviator”. MD produce a varied range of exclusively turbine powered aircraft and target both the private ownership and commercial sectors.

The MD500 is an extremely popular private aircraft, and often many people’s first step-up into the world of jet turbine powered helicopters. It is a composite aircraft with conventional main and tail rotors and provides a very comfortable flight and are relatively easy aircraft to handle and fly.

With the MD600, MD revolutionised the field of helicopter tail rotors. Gone was the conventional tail rotor, no fennestrom (enclosed) tail rotor was used. Instead, MD developed a technology known as NOTAR – no tail rotor. The aircraft uses a pump and boom pressure to direct high pressure air through a rotating efflux nozzle on the end of the tail boom; producing the anti-torque force normally produced by the tail rotor. The technology was promised to be more efficient, safer, reduce noise and reduce the risk of operating the aircraft in areas with large numbers of people; e.g. air ambulance and police operations. Having flown the aircraft it is certainly clear that there is a noise reduction and the removal of a rotating tail rotor does have some advantages. However, it remains unproven as to whether there are any significant efficiencies to be gained, particularly when the increased weight that the system adds is taken into account.

MD has gone on to specialise in the medium twin engine area, with very high sales of its MD900 and MD902 “Explorer” ranges. These high-end commercial aircraft are often used by air ambulance trusts, VIP charter and high performance load lifting. Their high price, the MD902 starts at approximately $4million dollars, ensures that their use is restricted to revenue generating commercial operations and specialist medical and law enforcement use. A thoroughly modern aircraft, capable of being flown in all weather conditions by a single pilot, the MD900 series are at the leading edge of helicopter design and avionics.

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