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Eurocopter Helicopters for Sale


Eurocopter was a latecomer to the helicopter industry, only being created in 1992. However, the company was formed by a merger between what was Dassault’s helicopter division and Daimler-Benz; a considerable lineage and history.

Eurocopter revolutionised the light single turbine market, that had up until that point, been dominated by Bell with the 206 Jet Ranger. Eurocopter launched the AS350 “Ecuriel” (or squirrel in English) to wide critical acclaim. The squirrel is a stylish, single turbine engine, composite main rotor’d light helicopter capable of carrying a pilot + 4-5 passengers at speeds of up to 120kts. The running costs were the lowest in class and the aircraft set new standards for comfort and vibration levels. The AS350 is a modern workhorse and can be seen everywhere from movie and TV sets (24, Spooks, CSI), ski resorts in the Alps, VIP charter, to UK military pilot training. The aircraft became such a popular choice because of its high power, strong tail rotor authority, performance and running costs; coupled with relatively simple maintenance and overhaul.

Eurocopter used a common French principle; use French components whenever possible. The aircraft fuel tank, low rotor speed warning horn and all external locks are components provided by the French car manufacturer Renault; a novel way of reducing production costs. The aircraft uses a novel Starflex composite main rotor head that utilises elastometric bearings to act as flap and drag dampers; a relatively new technology when first introduced.

The AS350 was rapidly joined by its more powerful stable mate, the AS355 “Twin Squirrel”. As the name suggests an additional engine had been added without increasing the airframe size, providing the increased lift capacity and redundancy required for many commercial operations. The AS355 has been an extremely commercially successful aircraft and was even utilised by No 32, The Royal, Squadron for flights by members of the British Royal Family and VIPs.

As success came in the light civil market Eurocopter expanded into the larger commercial market. Aircraft such as the AS332 Super Puma, the most popular medium lift aircraft used for offshore oil & gas contracts in the North Sea, and the AS365 Dauphin, an extremely popular and powerful charter aircraft followed.

The start of the new millennium saw a step change in Eurocopter’s design and direction with the launch of the EC1XX range. The single engine EC120B is now established as the entry level single engine light helicopter, offering exceptional power and value for money. The larger EC130 is a popular charter and aerial photography aircraft, whereas their larger sister, the EC135, is the aircraft of choice for a large number of air ambulance and police flights in the UK.

Eurocopter now produce a range of the highest quality, reliable and economical aircraft incorporating the latest avionics and systems. True pilot’s aircraft, the modern breed of Eurocopter aircraft are a joy to fly.

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