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Enstrom Helicopters for Sale


Enstrom is a USA based helicopter manufacturer, established in the late 1950s. They have produced a popular range of both piston and turbine aircraft; all based around their original design for the F28 in 1965.

The F28 is a single piston engine, very light 3 seat helicopter; with almost 1300 aircraft being produced to date. An easy to fly, forgiving and well balanced aircraft it has a top speed of approximately 110mph. The major drawback of this aircraft was always its limited power. This was rectified with the introduction of the T-28, a turbine powered version of the same aircraft.

The F28 was radically redesigned to be more aerodynamically efficient, and re-launched as the 280 “Shark”, which is still a very popular aircraft today. The shark had increased performance and efficiency gains due to its aerodynamic fuselage and uprated power plant. This aside, most people chose the shark for its head-turning looks. Initially certified in 1975 the shark is still in production today; a strong used market has aircraft available from £45,000. A more powerful turbocharged version, the 280F, was certified in 1980.

The most significant model development was the evolution of the 280 “Shark” into the 480 turbine powered aircraft; primarily based on a US Army requirement in the early 1980s. Unusually, this is the only helicopter any of our pilots have flown where the primary pilot’s position is in the left hand seat. Whilst this is normal for fixed wing aircraft it is very unusual for helicopters. The 480 addressed the performance and environmental operating issues of the F28 and 280, producing a credible light turbine helicopter that is still performing well today. A used 480 turbine powered single engine aircraft is available on the open market from as little as £350,000 for a 10 year old aircraft; excellent value for money.

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