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Bell Helicopters for Sale


Bell are one of the longest established helicopter manufacturers having been a major supplier to the United States Military for 60 years, and producing civil helicopters for almost as long. Bell produces a full range of turbine helicopters ranging from the single engine 206 Jet Ranger to the twin engine Bell 429. Bell remains one of the largest manufacturers of military helicopters, producing the AH-1 Cobra, world famous UH-1 "Huey" and the advanced Boing-Bell V22 "Osprey" tilt-rotor aircraft.

The Bell 206 Jet Ranger is one of the most popular and widely distributed single engine turbine helicopters. It can be found at almost all helicopter airfields around the UK and is widely used for training, charter and pleasure flights. The cabin is large and comfortable, power and speed are both considerable and the maintenance and running costs are low compared with other larger turbine powered aircraft. The latest model of the Bell Jet Ranger, the 206-L4, is likely to cost you in the region of $2.5 million and incorporates the latest in digital glass cockpit and avionics technology. However, the advantage of a reliable and easy to maintain helicopter that has been in production since the mid-1960s is that the used helicopter market offers a much lower priced entry point. A 1977 206B3 Jet Ranger is likely to cost in the region of £260-£300,000, a far more palatable entry point; particularly if purchased by a group of owners.

The 206 Jet Ranger was considered revolutionary when it was introduced, sporting an aerodynamic fuselage; which remains the fundamental basis for modern helicopter styling today. So, what do you need to consider when buying a Bell helicopter, particularly a 206 Jet Ranger. Firstly, it’s an American helicopter, which means the blades rotate ant-clockwise when viewed from above; you’ll need left pedal on take-off unlike a European helicopter. If you learnt to fly on one type it can take a few flying hours to re-programme your feet! The Jet Ranger is a solid aircraft with a comfortable and stable flight envelope; a forgiving introduction to turbine helicopter flight. The only area of weakness that has been noted by all of our pilots is that of tail rotor power. The tail rotor on the Jet Ranger, whilst more than adequate for normal flight, can become underpowered in strong winds from the right hand side. This loss of tail rotor effectiveness can make approaches at high altitude, and high all up mass difficult when operating at the edge of the flight envelope. However, with training and experience a pilot will recognise the symptoms long before a problem occurs.

In summary, Bell is one of the largest helicopter manufacturers in the world and their flagship model, the 206 Jet Ranger, is one of the most cost effective and best all-rounders in the turbine helicopter range.

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