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Agusta Helicopters for Sale


Agusta is a major player in the corporate aircraft world, as well as being part of the Finnemecannica group who are one of the largest military and civil helicopter manufacturers in the world.

Agusta is most famous for the venerable A109 series. The A109 is the workhorse of the corporate and charter industry. It is chosen for its large comfortable cabin, high speed, long range and above average performance. If you were to contact 10 corporate helicopter charter companies in the UK today, it is very likely that at least 9 of them would have an Agusta 109 in their fleet.

The Agusta 109 has gone through many versions, including: A109, A109S “Grand”, A109E “Power”, A109C, A109Mk2 and the A109Mk2+. Improvements have been evolutionary rather than revolutionary, with the theme being increased power, range and better fuel efficiency as the model range has matured. The latest A109S “Grand” is likely to cost you in the region of £4million pounds new from the factory, one of the many reasons it remains primarily the reserve of corporate and charter organisations; and the occasional millionaire.

Agusta, primarily to keep up with Eurocopter’s EC1XX range, has launched the AW139. The AW139 is a medium twin helicopter that is being targeted at emergency services, commercial & charter and the military. Large and powerful, it is likely to cost in the region of £8million when new, reserving this aircraft for the high end commercial charter industry, military and oil and gas industry. It is one of the many aircraft being considered for the provision of search and rescue (SAR) cover in the UK, following the planned withdrawal of the SeaKing aircraft in 2016.

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