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Helicopter Charter or Hire

Helicopters are expensive. Fact. So, if you aren't lucky enough to be a millionaire business person or Premiership footballer, how do you afford to enter the world of travel by helicopter. Luckily, the UK has a great number of helicopter charter organisations prepared to fly you from and to almost anywhere that you could wish to travel. Helicopter charter companies own a fleet of aircraft that they allow both private individuals and companies to hire for dedicated trips, like an airborne taxi. There services can range from repeat commuting flights for business executives, arriving in style at a wedding, or simply a sight-seeing trip around your local area.

The price of charter flights varies considerably based on three main factors: the type of helicopter you wish to fly in, the distance you wish to fly and the number of passengers required. To quantify the range of prices, a 30 minute pleasure flight for three people to fly over their house may cost from as little as £75 each, whereas the charter of the latest Agusta 109 twin-engine helicopter for 4 businesspeople from Manchester to London and back may cost in the region of £3500.

The price of aircraft charter depends mainly on the aircraft type; the biggest differentiator being the number of engines that a charter helicopter has. There is no conclusive information to suggest that single engine aircraft are significantly safer than twin engine aircraft. However, there are limitations on where single engine aircraft can fly, for example over large built up areas and over hazardous terrain such as mountainous areas. A twin engine helicopter offers increased power and the redundancy of being able to continue safe flight on a single engine in the highly unlikely event of an engine failure. It is important to remember that all charter helicopters are inherently safe and have the ability to auto-rotate safely to the ground and land in the very unlikely event of an engine failure. Twin engine charter helicopters tend to be larger and therefore accommodate more passengers in comfort, whilst consuming more fuel which adds to their helicopter charter prices.

The distance and time that you want to fly has a direct impact of the cost of helicopter charter, mainly based on the fuel and hourly maintenance cost of the aircraft, the longer you fly the more it costs; many helicopter charter operators quote on an inclusive hourly basis.

Whatever aircraft you choose for helicopter charter, you can be assured that there is no more rewarding way to travel than by helicopter. Whether it's landing on the hotel lawn for that special meal, or cutting the commuting time from hours to minutes for the next business meeting, helicopter charter is an excellent way to arrive and needn't cost the earth.